How to get the correct size?

Dear customers, each shop's size chart will be slightlydifferent. Please always measure your size according to the size chart referred by each shop. 

1. Different size chart is distinguished by the first three digits ofthe product numbers. Eg: The first three digits of 303XXXX are 303. 

2. Bust measurements are more important for garments with looser bottomssuch as gowns or sleepshirts. 

3. Hip measurements are most important for garments with closer bottomslike slips, pajamas, and panties. 

4. Bra size is NOT the same as bust size. 

5. One size means it fits most. If your size is beyond the ordinary size range,order other size ranges.  

  • 303 /334/335/345/360 women's Size Chart
  • 303X women's Plus Size Chart
  • 303/335/340 Men's Size Chart 
  • 329 Women's Size Chart 
  • 331& 340 Women's Size Chart | Women's Plus Size Chart
  • 333 Women's Size Chart | Women's plus size Chart | bra size Chart | Men's Size Chart 
  • 338 size chart | girls' size chart | plus size chart
  • 342 Size Chart 
  • 344 women's Size Chart 
  • 344X women's Plus Size Chart 
  • 347 Size Chart 
  • 354 Size Chart 
  • 357 Size Chart 
  • 359 Size Chart 
  • 370 Women's Size Chart 
  • 371 Women's Shoe Size Chart-for 371lines in Boots & Pumps European Size chart. 
  • 380 Women's Size Chart 
  • Bustiers and Corsets are sized accordingto bust measurement, in inches. If you know your bra size, choose the samesize bustier. 

    Bras are sized using two measurements, band width andcup. Band width measures the size of your torso, while your cup measuresthe size of your breasts. In the United States, band width is expressedin inches and cups are expressed as a letter. A is smaller than B whichis smaller than C, etc. If you don't know your bra size, read on. 

    Determining Bra Size 

    STEP 1: For best results, start by putting on yourbest fitting bra. Loop a tape measure under the pits of your arms and aboveyour breasts. The tape should be snug, but not cinched tight. The resultingmeasurement is the size of your torso (if your tape measure is in centimeters,see below for how to convert to inches). 

    STEP 2 : Lower the tape measure so it reaches aroundthe fullest part of your breasts. Subtract the size of your torso fromthis measurement and consult the table below to determine your cup size. 

    A - up to 1"
    B - up to 2"
    C - up to 3"
    D - up to 4"
    DD - up to 5"

    STEP 3: Bras and bustiers are usually sized ineven whole numbers (32, 34, 36, etc.). Take your torso measurement anddiscard any fraction (for example, 35-and-a-half inches becomes 35 inches.If the result is an odd number, round up to the next even number (for example,35 to 36). You now have your band width. 

    Example 1: If your torso is 35 inches around and the fullestpart of your breasts measure 37 inches, then the difference is 2 inches,which according to the table above would be a B cup. Your band width wouldbe 36 (because odd numbers are rounded up to the next even number). Therefore,your bra size would be 36B. 

    Example 2: Your torso measures 34.5 inches and your breastsmeasure 37 inches. The difference is 2.5 inches. Since a B cup only goesup to 2 inches, you would be a C cup (up to 3 inches). Your band widthwould be 34 (fractions are discarded). 

    Therefore, your bra size would be 34C. 

    The above measure method is for your reference. Make sureyou measure your size correctly. 

    Converting Centimeters to Inches

    Multiply your measurement in centimeters by 0.394 to getinches. 

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